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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  April 26, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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hand, thank you for joining us. appreciate it. all right, that is all the time we have left this evening, thank you for joining us, and we'll see you back here real soon. tonight on red eye. coming up on red eye, are our nation's team spending too much time solving r urks birks cubes. what's the most amount money the vice president has ever spent on a haircut. $1200 if that's something weird. and finally why didn't the vice president try to negotiate on a $1200 haircut. >> the truth is that there was no negotiating power. >> none of these story tonight on red eye. >> let's welcome our guest.
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she's hotter than the locked car my parent left me in as a child. >> i'm here with sunny johnson. >> it's former winter fill ambassador to do kipping's land. >> when he's not a superman, he's a super man. he's starring in the new vh 1 show hit the floor which premier z monday, may 26 at 9:00 p.m. eastern with that beard. >> and we tried to book only as mustache but the staff said he was a package deal sitting next to me john bolton. former u.s. ambassador to the u nurk n. he's also the president of red eye. >> we're going to be that way
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all show. talking smack about barack obama drove cloony crazy. and hunky actor george clooney from facts of life at the same party. i learned that when we were all top tubbing but apparently they have forgotten. the two were together in a vegas restaurant. they have them there when cloony stormed out. >> i said the president is a long time friend and i said your friend is a -- >> at that point i told steve he was an -- and i wasn't going to sit at his table while he was being such a jack -- >> but he tells a different story saying when cloony is drinking he consider z himself a close friend of the president. the only person who got excited was george and you ran to
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another bar and the only time he's fun to be with is when he was sober. tmz has acquired video. take a look. >> wow. it was ugly. ambassad ambassador, interestingly enough, you are the skilled at the art of diplomacy. you actually have a little background insight into mr. cloony. what is this. >> well, i went to a white house correspondent z dinner coming up in a week or so in washington and sitting next to me was joorj cloony. thought this was on interesting conversation. it's a big event. 2 to 4,000. it was good for my humility. >> i find that so strange because i find you more -- i don't know arousing than george
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clooney but -- >> it must have not been at the dinner that night. >> yeah. i was somewhere else. i was at the mustache farm. a bar downtown. dean here is the thing. i think we all know that george clooney loves men, mentioning his friend obama, you probably know jornl george because he's actor not as successful, of k course. what's your insight into this. >> first of all i'm going to the white house press correspondent dinner this week not nextinvite >> i was hoping that i get that same number of women coming over to take pictures of me. if not i will be sorely disappointed. >> secondly, i know joshgeorge . he's a good guy. i've had a couple of drinks can
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him in the past. i've never seen that side. i've had a couple of drinks with mr. wynn and he stayed calm as well. i would have loved to be a fly on the wall. listen, if i got in a fight every time someone called me or one of my friends an -- i would be fighting all the time. >> when you would hang out with clooney did you guys end up taking a lot of mentos after -- after you drink your breath smells like alk-- >> well, that's good. anyway, sunny, you don't know jornl cloony but isn't it kind of funny -- my theory that you're so used to hearing people say things you agree with that your skin is to thin. he's not used to people criticizing his lord and savior.
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>> now, you know who you are. this is one of my pet peeves. do not talk politics with me while i am drinking. >> very true. >> you're setting yourself up and whoever you bring around me, for a very who horrible time. if you thought cloony was about, catch me about five patron shots in and ask me what i think about the democrat z. >> do not do that. i think anyone who does that is because they do not feel comfortable with their position when they are sober. no don't do that. i'll hurt you. >> five shots the patron. what time is this? about 3, 4:00 in the afternoon. >> i'm not saying. i got to keep some mystery about me a little bit. >> andy ago ahead and defend yor
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hero. >> absolutely. s a close friend of the president. wynn called his close personal friend an a hole. who's the problem. >> this was a no win situation. think about it at least it was on once he left and went somewhere else. this is why i walk away from political discussion z at parties or why i would if i were ever at any parties which by the way i would go to if anyone ever invited me. i agree. keep politics out of drinking and drinking and politics don't mix. >> have you ever been to a political convention? >> what do you think would happen. >> the only political convention i ever went to as ron paul's shadow convention. >> i went to a conservative convention and i'm drinking with matt cadell. 12:00 at night. i literally cuss this man out and then the next morning i'm rushing to find him like i have to apologize before i leave. because i can remember --
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>> it probably turned him on, sun ji. >> that's what he said. >> he's a strange bird. he probably replayed it in his mind while wearing his shorty's roeb. >> so basically what i learned tonight is that cloony being gay earned a loot of respect from you. >> we make jokes about that sometimes with other people who are probably leaning that way. george clooney is as straight as an arrow. >> okay. i am not going anywhere with that. >> i don't know why -- you're fascinating with this theory that george clooney is gay. i think it says much more about you then him. >> do you think it's wishful thinking like maybe one day he'll be trapped in a elevator. he's doing some promotion for a movie or i'm rushing home from work. i just have got off work and i'm
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rushing home. >> because the elevator gets stuck and i have to save him because he has a panic attack so i crawl through the little thing and then i use his pant as a thing to snake down and i accidentally fall on him. all right, does he fear a robot peer? well, barack obama met a bot in japan. he later declared that robots are scary. i will hold it like this. on thursday president obama visited a science musician in japan and encountered a friendly friend. a human oid robot. it is a pleasure to meet you.
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>> well, it's nice to meet you, too. >> assimo then insisted on playing something the european z call soccer. >> i can kick the soccer ball, too. >> has going to be pretty hard, huh? >> it will be terrible. >> okay. come on, i'm ready. right here? late later, the president regaled a group of students with his story face-to-face with metal men. >> we saw some truly amazing robots. although, i have to say the robots were a little scary. they were too live like. >> perhaps because they were white robots mr. president.
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anyway, we asked the representative from the robot community to comment on the insult. here is what the spoke man for the robot said. >> at least no carney. dean, were you alarmed at how m dismissive was of robots. he called them scary. that's kind of a little narrow-minded. >> i'm japanese. my brother calls me the tallest j japanese person ever. truly, that was not a robot. it was a full-grown japanese man inside a suit. >> are you really japanese. >> tanaka is my middle name.
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>> people who don't remember tanaka, forget it. sunny -- >> i thought you were talking about nuclear weapon z. that's my todefault position. >> all right it was a terrible joke. anyway, sunny, the big issue, i think, of the not-too-distant future will be rights. we will create these robots that are so much like human being z. won't obama when we look back at this tape will look like a bigot. >> he was only scared of the robot because it actually keeps scare when playing soccer. that's how it is. you can actually have people who keep score and see who win z and lose z. this is what is funny to me. the japanese kids get classes in robotics and our kids get a class in warfare. you come back and lower our kids
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standard with common core. you are really setting us up for failure when you go around the world and praise all of these other kids. >> andy was supporting clive bundy. >> we're talking about clive en. >> he doesn't have time to meet with republican z but he has time to meet with robots. >> he thought here is this short guy. he thought it's vladimir putin. >> wow. i thought that was pretty good. >> andy, they are learning to
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play soccer which is going to put a lot of soccer players out of business. you like that because you hate soccer players. >> i will be fine with that but it won't be a true soccer player until it learns how to drop to the ground and be in pain. >> i'm guessing that all safety and security of america president obama will talk the talk but he won't walk the walk. he says roeb oatbots are scary will he act when they invade another country. no. he will talk about pressing the robots reset button but he won't do it. >> have you ever seen a president get talked to that way? >> andy is so disrespectful. >> thank you very much. >> this is a guy who was cozy with big drone. i think we know he's on thet si >> wow you're still pretty bitter about the whole clive
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owen. i can't believe sunny what germy piven said today. it was piven right. he said blacks are better off as slave. >> the sad part is all the conservative are out there agreeing with him that's the sad part. >> the old ronald is gone. mik do mcdonald's mascot got with twitter which makes us wonder is this evil. >> on wednesday, mcdonald's posted pictures of the new look ronald and aannounced he will be getting more involved in social media. the mascot has been benched in recent years and with the criticism that he was using him to market to kids. >> he actually said this, i
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talked to him, selfie z here i k come. it's a big world. where ever i go and whatever i do. i can make great things happen. i always preferred the old ronald mcdonald. >> he says a lot of interesting things abroad ambassador. are you ready for a hipper
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ronald mcdonald. >> i thought he was retired so i'm still reeling from the notion he's coming back. and what is attractive to me about it is that ronald mcdonald was criticized by these nannies who said he is marketing to children. it was only when my child was grown up that i could go to mcdonald's i hate the whole marketing to children. >> thank you for saying marketing to children because earlier you said marketing children. it's a little different. >> if they asked you to play the new ronald mcdonald which is all be it is much hipper. >> as i have proven. you know what, i want to go back to the marketing to children thing but as a responsible parent. >> right. >> i don't care if they want to market it to my son. you can't go. you know? it's my job to say yes or no. >> thank you.
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it's like i am sick of the what about the children it's for everything. it's like, i don't care. it's your kid. if you're worried about selling drugs to your kid. do something about it to your kid. i don't care. layoff of my pharmaceutical enjoyme enjoyment. >> it's up to the parent z. >> sunny ronald mcdonald is considered a classic icon, should we be messing with a good thing. >> when i was seven years old my brother jumped on him and started fighting him. we got kicked out of mcdonald's and we could never return again. so i have some issues with ronald already. that's the point i was going to make if ronald is going to be out there doing selfies i would like to see his hood selfies. if you have hood selfies then you have more minority outreach then the gop. >> nice. andy, you are red eyes expert
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what we like to call your extreme ambassador in your face, levy. will this new ronald appeal to a younger generation. >> as long as he's using cargo pants. he won't. i love cargo pants i keep a few pairs around for the apocalypse. >> they are not hip. nobody is wearing cargo pants anymore. hopefully they will some day again because i have so many in drawer and he's creepy. there was a time when clowns weren't viewed as creepy. >> it was after we got television and you didn't need a clown to come to a birthday party and entertain you because it came in the magical box. now when you see a clown it's like hey look at me. no, it's disgusting and weird. >> i thought it was john wayne gacey. >> the only thing about ronald
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mcdonald. the shoe size. >> yeah, well, we know what she likes. all right nothing better than a clown -- coming up, that will be beeped out. tail. take off his shirt to show me his third nipple. first, clamasses to his half allegation z are they full of water or full of crap? true business-grade internet comes
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with secure wifi for your business. it also comes with public wifi for your customers. not so with internet from the phone company. i would email the phone company to inquire as to why they have shortchanged these customers. but that would require wifi. switch to comcast business internet and get two wifi networks included. comcast business built for business. should you mate within your race? it's time for is this racist? >> there we go. all right the dating site ok
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cupid allows users to search for a mate based on responses to certain questions like would you date someone shorter than you. the one question caught the eye of course, a writer, anyway, would you strongly prefer to go out with someone of your own skin color, racial background. solon was shocked to see that many people responded yet to this optional question. many were self-righteous liberals that you knew in real life. love is blind but apparently not colorblind. the preference to date your own race is new but he was surprised in our pc world that so many people would not be open about it. well, not everyone is so closed minded sexually. >> i mean it's adorable but we
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both know it's not going to work out. how is that going to happen? i have seen videos. sunny, weren't we told to follow our hearts? what happens if your heart is a racist bigot is that your heart's fault or your head's? >> nobodies. i mean preference is preferences. get over it. if it's racism then i'm racist. i'm attracted to black men. so freaking what. but i'm sitting next to superman -- >> i'm wearing black. >> that's enough. i could be convinced in this case. i can definitely be convinced, right. >> and we'll see you later. >> he's not really superman. >> don't tell me. that you stop. >> he's a quarter japanese. >> okay. i apologize. dean, the segue you played superman, you were an alien from the planet crytpon and you
11:26 pm
actually dated human. did you have to deal with hate letters saying you only have to date within your species. >> no, because i could have killed them all. i mean you like what you like fuxt wa. if you want to answer it openly, great. i have a man crush on ambassador bolton. i'm not shy. andy and i broke up. that camera over there. anything. so i'm of equal opportunity. >> so the big head of me saving this is going to do everything for me, boy. >> ambassador what about people who don't like mustaches is that bigots against the hairy? >> shall we start over again? >> by the way, what is a dating site? that's a true man. i doesn't even know what is a dating site.
11:27 pm
>> it's where lonely people go to find companionship, i guess or to try to get laid, i suppose. i don't know anymore. >> well, it's fine. but it seems to me that this is really outrage because the assumption is i think, it's white people who are saying i only want to talk to white people whereas, the fact that it's just basic that that's the first option is that like attracts like but it's not the last option. that's the point. people's ae's opinions can chan. its not fixed. relax, take it easy, you know? >> that's true. i used to be into tall brunettes but now i'm into furniture. >> what about a man who prefers specific dates. like a man who only dates asian women. >> absolutely. hang on, i want to talk about
11:28 pm
this piece. first of all, salom is a conservative. i think this whole thing is a shot at liberals. he actually concludes his piece but saying i don't think it's too much to ask that those who do express racial preferences to reflect on them and how their might be fighting racism then voting the right way so i hi, this whole thing that shot at liberals. also there's some stuff that he links to a columbia study. women of all races exhibit strong same race preferences. men of no race exhibit a stat ift iftically same race preference. >> men don't care. women are racists. >> men will sleep -- i always say this, the most hard core racist will sleep with hall hally berry. >> was he name clive?
11:29 pm
>> just one more. more physically tracted people care less about the race of the partner. hot people don't care about race. it's ugly women are racist is what i -- is what the study is showing. >> i have five brothers. my oldest brother is married to a white woman. my two next brothers only date white woman and the two youngest only date black women. it's all because of where we grew up. my oldest brothers grew up in a wit neighborhood they date white women. my youngest brothers grew up in a black neighborhood and they only date black women. it has to do with where you were brought up and who you were around. >> i think you summed it up nice. >> accept for the e-mails that andy will get. >> statistics are mean. they hurt my feelings, ugly women are faracists. >> by the way, i had to edit myself. so there's a beer festival where nudity is mandatory. who should i take as my plus
11:30 pm
one. i'm taking craig jered but he's covered with freckles and it sounds gross. [ male announcer ] this is karen and jeremiah.
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they don't know it yet, but they're gonna fall in love, get married, have a couple of kids,
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[ children lauing ] move to the country, and live a long, happy life together where th almost never fight about money. they'll find some financial folks who will talk to them about preparing early for retirement and be able to focus on other things, like each other, which isn't rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade. they made jokes while he got poked. a virginia colon patient was suing doctors more making fun of him while he was unconscious.
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later, heard their entire conversation. he claims dr. tiffany engam and solo mon saw made cracks about shooting something about his rekt om. after 5 minutes of talking to you in preon, i want to punch you in the face and man you up a little bit. >> the patient is seeking more than a million dollars in damages and ambassador, i think he has a case. >> he probably does in this litigious age. he has all the evident on his phone. i happen to think the whole thing is outrageous with respect to the patient who obviously needs income more than anything else but also with respect to the doctors. that's the way they treat their patients? i once lived near kneel medical school and used to walk behind doctors as i was going to law school. do you know how they talk about people?
11:35 pm
like an automobile. i did this to the tire -- that's the way they look at it. it's disturbing. >> it's kind of like a car eavesdropping on a mechanic and oh, you said this about my radiato radiator. >> dean you're a lawyer. is $1 million a fair amount there. >> absolutely. >> listen i've had six football relates surgeries. i'm sure they said some bad things about me and i wish i could record them. however when i went for my colonstpopy i brought my doctor a rose and i avoided this whole problem. >> think were football related. >> the transition by the way -- yeah. i had a football related injury that involved a colonospopy. it was in a hotel room. >> i was just watching football.
11:36 pm
>> anyway. sunny, i think he planned to record the doctors the whole time don't you think this was a scam or something? >> i think the only way he should get his million dollars is if he gives his name. if you want the million dollars then come out and let everybody look at you and see who you are and then when we decide that we like to shoot a gun up your rekt um too, we will decide that you don't deserve the million dollars. as soon was we meet you public opinion will turn and we will no longer like you and wi will e w cheering for the doctors. >> that's pretty insightful. >> they should demand a jury trial and put this guy up and see what they can do. >> it must be ironic to be getting that procedure and be the butt of their jokes. >> this is pretty much the opposite of making fun of someone to their face. >> this is ridiculous you can't make fun of somebody while they are unconscious only in obama's
11:37 pm
america. my guess is that doctors do this kind of thing a lot. to be honest, i feel like you probably go to have a pretty sick sense of humor to do a lot of those surgeries. if that's your job. so were some of things they said crude, get over it. >> i guess when you think about it as for the patient, the anus is on him. >> i mean onus. let's call the whole thing off. you say tomorr. >> i enjoyed it because i like that fading feeling of when you're going under. it's so pleasant and then when you wake up, it's like oh, i'm awa awake. everything is okay. >> it's not that okay. >> you're a little weird. you walk around a little bit but anyway. that's not important. this week, the student government at the university of utah, go clams, voted to change the leer iyrics to the 110 year
11:38 pm
fight song that they deemed offensive. parts of the title utah man as well as the line our coeds are the fairest. quote, this song did not represent me as i identified as a woman and does not represent me now as a gender queer individual. others said that using the word fairest is demeaning to dark skinned minorities and proposed changing the line to our students are the brightest. our fix could be changing utah man to utah man. >> ambassador what do you think it's like applying progressive beliefs to a 100 year old song. >> the next thing is that there won't be university fight songs anymore. fighting is so aggressive. it just doesn't fit in with the new obama's mirk america so let just cut to the chase and eliminate football and college sports. eliminate all of that stuff.
11:39 pm
>> we got to come up with a new obama's america like new world order. noa. there you go. didn't really come out the way i wanted to. it would have been funnier if i spelled something. dean, the song is written in 1904. come on lighten up people. oh, i didn't mean to say lighten up. >> very bad. >> micro aggression. we changed ours to i think it was something with man or every guy or something. >> football injuries and princeton did i throw that in there. >> somebody is working hard on sunny. >> i don't nope whknow what tha. we changed our fight song from boy or man and we changed that to all so it's not unpres eceded but it is part of the change of the america. >> i remember when they changed
11:40 pm
the princeton song it went from i hate minorities to go team. >> that's almost literally the exact translation. >> sunny, are you offended by the song. >> no, i just think it sucks. did you know that there are gang at this school. i they that necessarily has to be taken out right away. all the thugs, you know how that is. this is the difference between liberals and conservatives. liberals see something wrong with the song. i want to protest and write an angry letter. change the song. rewrite the song. take it to their fellow students and now you have a new song. >> no, they wrote a little letter that means something. a revolution to means something. let's cry and moan about not liking it. in the end you have to get the faculty people agree to change
11:41 pm
it and it would be nice to have the students to say it's okay to change it. >> who are you to come in as a minority to say let's just do all of this because i wrote this stupid resolution. change the song. get the entire student body happy about it and then go out and fight whoever this college team fights. it's really simple. >> that was complicated. >> sorry. one of yale's fight song is a cheer by yale eli's men and they are here to win. >> the next logical step since that's clearly an offensive line that you got to let women play football too. >> can we agree that setting the other stuff aside is that the name of the song is utah men and now it's coed. maybe it's time to update your song. >> hang on. they want to change our coeds are the fairest because they
11:42 pm
say -- they want to change it to our students are the brightest? >> really, if you look at the night sky what parts are bright, the parts that look white. >> same on you utah justice social warriors . quick question what does gender queer mean. >> i will tell you later back at my place. >> i'm ambisexual. time to take a break more joke when's we come back. by the way not cool order it at new autographed copy. look at this, these are my hoodies. they are so inexpensive and look at the little hats. it says not cool on it. she picking my nose. it never gets old does it joanne. anyway -- .
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last week some idiot writer
11:46 pm
for the chicago sun times wrote a piece comparing gop voters to jews who collaborated with the nazis. now the illinois democratic governor seen here is under fire after the twitter account urged his readers to read it. >> says one chicago strategist quote i don't think i've ever seen an democratic official embrace nazi rhetoric like i have seen here. sunny, i go to you first for no particular reason. please talk for the four remaining minutes. >> when you have an actual jew that hates jews, financing your entire party, stop it. okay? you have george sorros if he
11:47 pm
could round up everybody in israel it would not be a good day. and he funds the majority of your party. stop it, really. this is what i really love. all of you reporters out there and you white liberals, you like going to black conservatives that won't fighting you back. bring it to me. come and call me that and see what kind of response you get like every other reporter who has done it in my lifetime, i guarantee you will turn the recorder off. >> i will say i wrote this earl yefr ier. >> i'll explain. i ain't got to worry about you explaining. i got some explaining to do. >> ambassador -- >> this is just as racist as clive bundy. if you think blacks can only
11:48 pm
think one thing or jews can only think one thing and it's got to be the left side of the spectrum that's racist. it portrays something about the democratic party today their belief systems are collapsing if they don't have identity politics they don't have anything else. >> if a republican governor said this he would be gone. tweeted this. the point is that pat quinn is the titanic. he's going down. the guy is a fantastic candidate, six kids married to a democrat by the way. he's getting support anywhere else in illinois. he's a fantastic candidate somebody who i like as a candidate for a plethora of reasons. he knows a lot of people. he's had injuries and i went to princeton. >> also he was superman. >> i will take any race. >> just going to pull it all out
11:49 pm
there. and in the green room you said you agree with the chicago sun times. >> the funny thing is that i wrote that question as a joke and then i actually read the original column. he didn't say that black republicans are like jewish collaborators he said individuals will sell out the benefits of their groups in return for person gain. >> he's talking about an african-american who took 50 grand and then wrote a nice piece about him. >> no, he compared hem them to . >> that part of stupid. >> he was basically saying chicago politocos can be brought. >> you call agree with him. >> no way. >> i'm tired of this topic it makes me so angry i have to go to break r. coming up mandatory nudity and beer. two of my favorite things.
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>> see if you're that brutal while lounging nude a naturalist resort in pennsylvania will be holding a bear beach beer bash in june. according to a flyer nudity is required at the beer festival area and pool and hot tobs. tobs? tubs. each bringing an unwrapped present to the party, their genetalia. >> i love it shows three hot women. >> yes. >> because. yeah. the first nudist event in history that had any hot person on it. >> you don't know that. sweden has lots of pretty nudists. the ambassador has told me. here is the real question. do you think nudists are
11:55 pm
attracted to people of their own race? >> my thoughts exactly. >> that is a good question. >> if it's women, no. if it's men, yes. whatever. >> yes. yes. >> naked man with beer belly? i went, my friend convinced me to go to one of the nudist beaches in l.a. and very three words for you. old, shrivelled, and small. >> that should be a single. >> what the heck? >> it brings races together. >> there are no nudist beaches in california. >> no. i was in california. somewhere. >> yeah. yeah. >> they took me somewhere. >> yes. >> i left quickly. >> yes. >> if that is an indication.
11:56 pm
>> you were in larry king's backyard. >> dean? wrap it up here, people think they look like you, but will look like me. >> just on the chance it's possible? >> i live in spain, also. i have a home there. there are a lot of naked people there. >> sure there is. this show is just you sneaking up your okay, cupid. >> as a matter of fact, it is. >> there are a lot of naked people out there that shouldn't be naked. >> is that at your home? >> yes, sir. >> that is this february. coming up. >> only summer months >> good. i would hate to see you get cold. >> super man is delicate. >> all right. >> sure, i'm sure you fly into a private jet. >> absolutely not. >> no way. >> i learn something i didn't know. that does it for me.
11:57 pm
sonny, dean, ambassador, andy. it was a fun show tonight. we learned absolutely nothing. it's good not to learn anything. just spend timeff
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12:00 am
caught on tape from the owner of the la clippers. four seconds, governor huckabee. tonight on huckabee, their daughter justina is held by the state. the family converts massachusetts governor patrick and te mands action. >> can you help and you are not doing it? >> you are better off. and family lives and doing things or are they doing subsidies. the government reacts to the comments. and greg on who is cool and what is not cool ♪ ladies a


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